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close up texture pile of guide stones

Beginner’s Guide to Stone

Post 5 of 6- Stone Welcome back to another edition of the Beginner’s Guide to Aggregate, Chatt Soil’s 6-part series aimed at providing you with a basic understanding of all things aggregate. This guide will help you save money by…

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butterfly pollinating a flower resting on top


The goal of every living organism, including plants, is to create offspring for the next generation. Nature invented sexual reproduction as a mechanism for life to move forward, a life-force that passes right through us and makes us a key…

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butterfly resting on a flower

Native Plants

Native plants are those that naturally occurred in North America, before European colonization. Native plants are more likely to establish quickly, with heartier deeper root systems, and thrive in the specific conditions that they’ve evolved in over millions of years.…

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several garden beds wrapped in wood planks with plants inside in a larger garden

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is an old method with new popularity on the rise, and for good reason. A raised bed is simply an “upside down,” garden bed, essentially any bed that’s raised above the soil level, higher than the surrounding…

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