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big pile of gravel on landscaping lot with lake in the backgroundbig gravel texture close up

#4 Gravel (1 1/2)


1 – 24 yard loads

Big Gravel For Heavy Duty Projects

If you have an erosion problem or a construction project where heavy equipment is entering and exiting your property then #4 gravel is for you. This gravel is for driveways that are able to withstand the weight of heavy equipment during the construction process. It may also be used in a variety of different ways.

  • Ranges between 3/4″ – 1 1/2″
  • Control erosion problem areas
  • Used for driveways and erosion control
pile of gravel 3/4 delivered in yard

#5 Gravel (3/4)


1 to 24 yard loads

57_gravel texture close updelivered pile of 57 gravel in landscaping lot

#57 Gravel


1 – 24 ton loads

A Versatile and Excellent Draining Gravel

#57 gravel is a mix of two sizes; 3/4″ & 1/2″. This mixture creates a locking effect that promotes a tight fit that stays in place. It is a versatile material that offers many benefits, including excellent drainage properties, durability, and easy installation. It also provides a natural-looking, textured finish that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space.

Here’s how can #57 gravel help improve your projects:

  • Use this anywhere you need to improve drainage like trenches and french drains.
  • The size of this gravel locks up well making it great for flat driveways and gravel roads.
  • A wonderful base material for roads, parking pads, sewage lines, and underground pipes.

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gravel_1/2 texture close up

#7 Gravel (1/2)


1 to 24 yard loads

Restore Your Driveways Health

Purchased a new property, installing, or updating your driveway then this 1/2″ gravel is a great product for you. If you have potholes or a bouncy driveway top it off with #7 and your ride will be smooth again.

  • Top layer for driveways and parking pads.
  • Use to bury septic lines for optimal draianage.
  • Backfilling retaining walls.

Looking for a base layer for your driveway checkout Crusher Run.

hands holding 1_4 minus gravel texture close up with penny inside for scale

1/4 Minus


1 – 24 yard loads

1/4″ Minus Crushed Gravel For The Final Touch

1/4″size crushed stone to dust. It packs very tightly and offers great compaction and stability for pavers, retaining walls, pathways, terraces and other types of landscaping and construction projects.

  • Great for walkways and pathways
  • Use it in-between pavers and flagstone
  • Finishes smoothly and compacts well

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black mulch texture close up

Black Mulch


1- 24 yard loads

All Natural Black Mulch

Black mulch is a type of mulch that is colored with carbon black, a pigment made from the incomplete combustion of natural gas or oil. Made from shredded hardwoods and an all-natural colorant this mulch won’t introduce toxins into your landscape.

  • Long-lasting color means less time spent replacing it.
  • Mulch reduces erosion and keeps your plants healthier.
  • Reduces weeds development keeping your landscape beautiful.

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brown mulch texture close up

Brown Mulch


1 to 24 yard loads

All Natural Brown Mulch

Made with all-natural shredded hardwoods and long-lasting brown colorant. This mulch has been double ground and screened to ensure the highest quality product for your landscaping and gardening projects.

  • It keeps color the longest of any dyed mulch meaning you spend less money and time.
  • Helps to prevent erosion and keep your plants healthiest through the toughest months.
  • Reduces the growth and development of weeds keeping your landscape looking beautiful.

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clay dirt texture close up

Clay Dirt


24 cubic yard truck loads

Solutions for Foundations

Whether your project entails building a new foundation or stopping water from pooling Clay Dirt is ideal.

  • Stop water from pooling against foundations.
  • Base layer for building foundations.
  • Compatible and sturdy.

* Only available from May to October.
* Product’s color, fluffy-ness, or moisture content may vary per load.

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Creek Rock 10-24 piled on a mid bankOut of stock

Creek Rock 10-24


per ton

Small Boulders

This Tennessee Creek Rock is 10″ to 24″ inches. They are smooth, round, and come in a range of tan colors. Each ton covers 80 square feet.

  • Great for attracting attention to your landscaping
  • A good looking and functional erosion control
  • Useful in designing and creating water features
  • Used as a natural edging for walkways and flower beds
creek_rockOut of stock

Creek Rock 3-5


per ton

Large Local Creek Rock

This Tennessee Creek Rock is 3″ to 5″ inches on average and some may up to 7″ inches. They are smooth, round, and come in a range of tan colors. Each ton covers 80 square feet.

  • Great for attracting attention to your landscaping
  • A good looking and functional erosion control
  • Useful in designing and creating water features
  • Used as a natural edging for walkways and flower beds

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pile of crusher run gravel being laid on landscaping lotclose up hand holding crusher run gravel texture over a pile

Crusher Run Gravel


1 – 24 ton truck loads. 

Crushed Stone For New Driveways

Crusher Run is the most common and widely used material for the base layer on new construction, driveways, and roads. The manufacturing process creates crushed stone that is then mixed with 1/4″ minus and #57 resulting in a product that is perfect for a new driveway or parking pad.

Best uses for Crusher Run:

  • Gravel Roads / Driveways: Creates a stable and secure foundation that gets stronger over time and stands up to heavy vehicle use.
  • Backfill: When laying pipes or septic tanks backfilling with this gravel will add structural integrity and holding power to the excavated hole.
  • Masonry: As a solid foundation to pavers and stones it will keep your pathways and patios looking great and functioning as intended.

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Fill DirtFill Dirt

Fill Dirt


1 – 24 yard loads

Fill Dirt For Your Projects

Dirt, it’s the foundation for every project. So whatever you’ve got in mind dirt is either already in place, or it needs to be brought in.
  • Fill dirt is great for changing the slope of your land to either make it more enjoyable or redirect water.
  • It is ideal for filling in ugly and unsafe holes left from over from removed stumps or from erosion.
  • Use it to backfill retaining walls and extend your usable space.

Fill dirt is typically excess material from an excavation site such as a new home, swimming pool, road, or septic tank. Chatt Soil does its best to source dirt that is Clean. Clean Dirt means dirt that is free of super sized rocks, large roots, debris, and “honey pot” treasures. Honey Pots were holes that people dug up when building homes in back in the 90’s and earlier where they buried their construction trash.

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**Fill Dirt is a not kept covered and is subject to weather, during winter months dirt may be wet and muddy for prolonged periods.**

garden_mix soil scooped with shovel

Garden Mix


1 – 7 cubic yard truck loads.

A Garden Blend That Produces Healthy Plants

Made with a 50/50 split of sifted topsoil and mushroom compost. Garden mix provides a well-draining, nutrient-rich soil that is ideal for growing a wide range of plants. It helps to promote healthy root growth, provides good aeration and drainage, and improves soil structure and fertility.

  • Excellent nutrients to grow strong plants
  • Helps in water retention for less watering
  • Helps to breakdown clay soils overtime

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hardwood mulch close up with small plant growing

Hardwood Mulch


1 to 24 yard loads

All Natural Hardwood Mulch

This all natural mulch is made from a blend of hardwoods and has zero dye in it. It is the most natural hardwood mulch you can use around your trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and gardens.

  • All natural hardwood blend with no dyes or pallet materials for healthy landscapes.
  • Helps promote healthy plants by maintaining moisture and reducing erosion.
  • Most cost effective mulch available saving you money.

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close up of swing set on play ground with kid safe mulchplay ground mulch texture close up

Kid-Safe Playground Mulch


per truck load

Safe Playground Mulch For Your Kids

This mulch passes through a series of large magnets and screens to remove any and all potential harmful objects. It is an all-natural product and is made from recycled hardwood. It is not produced from pallet materials making it free from chemicals and other contaminants that may be harmful to children. It is an IPEMA certified product.

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mushroom_compost held in handsmushroom_compost texture close up pile

Mushroom Compost


1 – 7 yard loads

Boost plant growth with Mushroom Compost

How Can Mushroom Compost Improve Your Growing:

  • It adds nutrients to your soil giving your plants food for the season.
  • Increases the water holding capacity of the soil meaning you water less often
  • Helps to break up and amend heavy clay soils over time.

*This product is not stored undercover and may be to wet to deliver after large rains.