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Bobcat and Operator




16 – 24 yard loads

Mother Nature’s Compost


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Creek Rock 2-4


1 – 6 ton truck loads.

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Cypress Mulch


1 – 24 yard loads

All Natural Cypress Mulch

Made with all-natural shredded hardwoods and long-lasting natural look. This mulch has been double ground and screened to ensure the highest quality product for your landscaping and gardening projects.

  • It keeps color the longest of any dyed mulch meaning you spend less money and time.
  • Helps to prevent erosion and keep your plants healthiest through the toughest months.
  • Reduces the growth and development of weeds keeping your landscape looking beautiful.

Flagstone – Brown


per pallet

Each Pallet is 2 tons of Flagstone.

  • 3/4″ – 1 1/2″  – For overlays and Veneers
  • 1 3/4″ – 2 3/4″ – Non load bearing patios
  • 3″ – 4″ – Driveways, walkways, high traffic areas

Manual Labor


Mobilization Fee

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Pine Bark Mulch Pallet


per pallet

(70) 2 Cubic Foot Bags per Pallet
Pine Bark Mulch is double shredded and has roughly the same consistency as Hardwood Mulches. Pine Bark Mulch has a naturally rich brown color, and therefore will not fade as quickly as dyed products.· Retains soil moisture and conserves water for healthier plants
· Inhibits weed development
· Reduces soil erosion
· Insulates plants from extreme temperatures
· Long-lasting, attractive appearance

Rip Rap Class AA

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River Rock 1.5 to 2


per ton

Medium Sized River Rock

Harvested directly from rivers and estuaries, this natural aggregate is a gorgeous option for decorative applications. After eons of rushing water flowing over it- the pieces are smooth. It is often used on walkways or as an accent around trees and landscaping.  

pile of dry decorative river rock texturebeautiful river rock garden green ornamental stone covered with moss

River Rock 3 to 5 inch


A versatile and stylish landscaping material that adds a natural touch to any outdoor space. Each rock is carefully sourced from rivers and streams, resulting in a unique blend of earthy colors and textures.

  • Perfect for pathways, garden borders, or as a decorative accent around water features
  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Provides excellent drainage and helps to prevent soil erosion while enhancing the aesthetics of your landscape.

Whether you’re looking to create a rustic, natural look or a more contemporary feel, this is the perfect choice for your next landscaping project. With its timeless beauty and practical benefits, this product is sure to impress.


Sandy Fill Dirt


Tailgate Spreading


Per Load

Refresh Your Driveway With Tailgate Spreading

This is when the driver puts chains on the flap door of the dump bed limiting how much it opens. Then the driver slowly raises the dump bed while moving forward or backwards slowly releasing and spreading the gravel.

  • Resurfacing driveways
  • Reduces Labor
  • Eliminates equipment costs

Conditions must be ideal:

Flat ground
No major potholes or ruts
No overhead obstructions (trees limbs, power lines, etc.)

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Only available for:

#57 Gravel


Test Product – 1 ton load

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Topsoil Pallet


60 1 cubic yard bags per pallet