Gravel: 57s, Crusher Runs.

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big pile of gravel on landscaping lot with lake in the backgroundbig gravel texture close up

#4 Gravel (1 1/2)


1 – 24 yard loads

Big Gravel For Heavy Duty Projects

If you have an erosion problem or a construction project where heavy equipment is entering and exiting your property then #4 gravel is for you. This gravel is for driveways that are able to withstand the weight of heavy equipment during the construction process. It may also be used in a variety of different ways.

  • Ranges between 3/4″ – 1 1/2″
  • Control erosion problem areas
  • Used for driveways and erosion control
pile of gravel 3/4 delivered in yard

#5 Gravel (3/4)


1 to 24 yard loads

57_gravel texture close updelivered pile of 57 gravel in landscaping lot

#57 Gravel


1 – 24 ton loads

A Versatile and Excellent Draining Gravel

#57 gravel is a mix of two sizes; 3/4″ & 1/2″. This mixture creates a locking effect that promotes a tight fit that stays in place. It is a versatile material that offers many benefits, including excellent drainage properties, durability, and easy installation. It also provides a natural-looking, textured finish that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space.

Here’s how can #57 gravel help improve your projects:

  • Use this anywhere you need to improve drainage like trenches and french drains.
  • The size of this gravel locks up well making it great for flat driveways and gravel roads.
  • A wonderful base material for roads, parking pads, sewage lines, and underground pipes.

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gravel_1/2 texture close up

#7 Gravel (1/2)


1 to 24 yard loads

Restore Your Driveways Health

Purchased a new property, installing, or updating your driveway then this 1/2″ gravel is a great product for you. If you have potholes or a bouncy driveway top it off with #7 and your ride will be smooth again.

  • Top layer for driveways and parking pads.
  • Use to bury septic lines for optimal draianage.
  • Backfilling retaining walls.

Looking for a base layer for your driveway checkout Crusher Run.


1/4 Minus


1 – 24 yard loads

1/4″ Minus Crushed Gravel For The Final Touch

1/4″size crushed stone to dust. It packs very tightly and offers great compaction and stability for pavers, retaining walls, pathways, terraces and other types of landscaping and construction projects.

  • Great for walkways and pathways
  • Use it in-between pavers and flagstone
  • Finishes smoothly and compacts well

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pile of crusher run gravel being laid on landscaping lot

Crusher Run


1 – 24 ton truck loads. 

Crushed Stone For New Driveways

Crusher Run is the most common and widely used material for the base layer on new construction, driveways, and roads. The manufacturing process creates crushed stone that is then mixed with 1/4″ minus and #57 resulting in a product that is perfect for a new driveway or parking pad.

Best uses for Crusher Run:

  • Gravel Roads / Driveways: Creates a stable and secure foundation that gets stronger over time and stands up to heavy vehicle use.
  • Backfill: When laying pipes or septic tanks backfilling with this gravel will add structural integrity and holding power to the excavated hole.
  • Masonry: As a solid foundation to pavers and stones it will keep your pathways and patios looking great and functioning as intended.

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close up river rock pea gravel texture with plastic bottle for scale

River Rock Pea Gravel


per truck load

River Rock Pea Gravel

Harvested directly from rivers and estuaries, this natural aggregate is a gorgeous option for decorative applications. After eons of rushing water flowing over it- the pieces are smooth. It is often used on walkways or as an accent around trees and landscaping.