Medium Long


2 tons per pallet

Create Beautiful Edges with Medium Long Stone

Use cases:

  • Use them as an edging stone around gardens, pathways, and driveways
  • Stack for super low, none weight bearing walls, such as garden beds

Boulder stats:

  • 75-100 stones per pallet
  • 20-40 pounds per stone
  • 3″ – 6″ long
  • 3″- 6″ tall

Stones come directly from the quarry
Delivery is made with a Moffett Truck (truck with forklift on back)
Delivery price starts at $425 for 1-10 pallets



Medium Long are sold by the full pallet.
Taxes and delivery fees are applied on the Cart.
Schedule your delivery during Checkout.

** Photos are for reference only, each rock is unique.***

one tree planted per load

One Tree Planted for Every Delivery!
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