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Refresh Your Driveway With Tailgate Spreading

This is when the driver puts chains on the flap door of the dump bed limiting how much it opens. Then the driver slowly raises the dump bed while moving forward or backwards slowly releasing and spreading the gravel.

  • Resurfacing driveways
  • Reduces Labor
  • Eliminates equipment costs

Conditions must be ideal:

Flat ground
No major potholes or ruts
No overhead obstructions (trees limbs, power lines, etc.)

**See Disclaimer Below

Only available for:

#57 Gravel

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All Tailgate spreading is up to the drivers discretion. If you purchase Tailgate Spreading and we are unable to provide this service we will refund you for services not rendered. The gravel will be left onsite or is non refundable.

Special Note:

This technique is not perfect and may require some hand spreading on your part to create an even distribution of the gravel.

Tailgate Spreading FAQ

What are the benefits of tailgate spreading?

  • Tailgate spreading offers even distribution of materials, efficient coverage, and reduced manual labor compared to spreading by hand. It’s particularly useful for larger areas and ensures consistent application.

Delivery FAQ

How narrow of a space can a truck fit thru?

  • Small trucks require 10 feet, while the big ones need 12 feet of clearance.

Things To Consider

Suitability: While effective for large areas, tailgate spreading might not be suitable for precise applications due to its broader coverage.

One for One

One Tree Planted for Every Delivery!

One tree planted

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One Tree Planted is a non-profit that is dedicated to global reforestation. The organization was founded in 2014 with a mission to plant trees in areas that have been impacted by deforestation, wildfire, and other environmental disasters.

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