Products we love so much we had to share!

May they bring you joy, pleasure, and fun experiences.

*These are all affiliate products and when you purchase one Chatt Soil gets a kick back.


Level Lawns Like A Pro

It's fast, easy to use, and does a better job than any rake ever will!

This tool gets more use that I thought it would. Whether it’s a few bags of soil or an entire dump truck this makes leveling lawns a breeze.

An Indestructible Shovel

Roots, rocks, you name it, this shovel will dig through it all!

Made entirely of steel and welded together this short D handled ditch shovel will plow through anything your throw at it. It’ll last you a lifetime!

A Beastly Garden Knife

Dig, cut, slash, uproot. You name it this beefy garden knife will always deliver.

Never fear. This garden spade / knife will never bend backward on you when you’re digging around your garden.

Mosquitos Be Gone

An all natural mosquito repellent for your entire lawn and outdoor living area.

Repel Mosquitos the all natural way with concentrated garlic juice. Dilute in a pump sprayer and spray the perimeter of your space. Re-apply as needed. Enjoy the outdoors!

Stay Dry While Hosing

This little doohickey will prevent your hose from leaking all over you!

Insert this in-between your garden hose and spray nozzle, and you’ll be amazed by the difference. It may still leak, but at least you won’t be soaked!

A Cart For Everything And Anywhere

Pine straw, plants, coolers, at home, at the park, whatever, wherever!

It carries so much and folds down to almost nothing. Use it at home in the yard, take it the park, or wherever you want. This folding gem is highly used and abused, easy to clean and wash, and super durable.